By visiting this website, you are deemed to accept all terms of use as indicated by meetfrans.

Trainers may not:

  • share their contact information (email, phone number, etc) publicly on meetfrans.

  • solicit students to pay for services through a third-party platform.

  • harass students in any way, including ratings you received on your profile. If you have concerns about a particular user, please contact Meetfrans for investigation.

  • lie or make untruthful claims about your following or other details.

  • make promises you do not intend to honour.

Students may not:

  • try to persuade trainers into receiving payment through a third-party platform. If you do so and the trainer does not deliver, you will be fully responsible for your loss.

  • harass trainers to provide you with free services.

  • spam requests or send trainers messages about things that are unrelated to the services they have listed on this platform.

If you encounter a user who is spamming you, berating you or generally abusing you. Please contact Meetfrans (Hello At for an investigation immediately.

3 Days Reply Policy

Our expectation is for trainers to reply to requests in a timely fashion. Trainers that do not reply to a request within 3 days may face suspension of their profile and service listings. We understand everyone is busy. However, if you are unable to commit to a request at the moment, it is best to communicate than not respond at all! 


Confidentiality and Ethics

All users of Meetfrans have a responsibility to treat each other with respect and to behave in an ethical manner. Any discussion that involves confidentiality should be kept strictly confidential. Delivery of services should also be kept professional at all times.

The Removal of a User

Meetfrans reserves the right to remove any users from this platform and their right to use services here without any specific reason and without being liable for compensation. This is usually done if a user is found violating our terms of use or abusing our system and/or other users in any way.    


No guarantees of the functioning of trainers services are given. Trainers are themselves responsible for service delivery. Students should estimate the reliability of trainers before transaction requests, although Meetfrans may step in appropriately should the occasion require. Under no circumstances should Meetfrans be liable for damage that is caused to any user. Users may not store any information or data in the service and expect it to remain there at all times.



While Meetfrans takes care in onboarding reliable trainers and hope that all users have a great experience using this platform, we understand that sometimes things can go wrong. Some trainers could lie, make false claims, not deliver services on time  and abuse the system. 


Dispute resolution starts with open communication between the trainer and the student. If this does not work out, Meetfrans can be called upon to investigate and hear out stories from both sides. Meetfrans pledges to be fair to all users and strives to deliver the best outcome for everyone. We are here to help! 



All trainers are responsible for taxes in their country of residence. Meetfrans at this point is only performing the role of a third party booking platform and is unable to offer tax advice.


Changes to this Agreement 

Meetfrans reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to modify our Terms of Use.  Please periodically review this Agreement for changes.

Privacy Policy

On meetfrans, we take the privacy of all users very seriously and we are committed to maintaining your trust. This site has been secured to ensure data safety while using meetfrans. We’ll only share your information with third parties with your consent.